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depart (version en anglais du poème Partir) - paul andrianantenaina

Azo vakiana?


Depart - a solemn word that sounds a knell
Six letters that are heart-rending like a knife
Moving away from family, creating a vacuum and an absence
Despite the time, the unforeseen and distance.

Some of us leave for the pleasure
To explore the world without regret
To be prepared; luggage on ports and docks
To leave in search of booty to share.

There are those who walk away with regret
From umbilical ties, with a heavy heart, eyes despoiled
By tears that flow like water from a precipice
Before facing the unknown, braving the sacrifices.

There are some who go, there are some who come
We say "goodbye" whatever happens
There are some who are no longer: leaving a final emptiness
Who will never return, for whatever reason.

( Jill Maguire and Paul Andrianantenaina on 04/08/2010)


Sokajy : fiainana, Fisarahana