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Remembering - Nantto

Azo vakiana?

Remember the day of glory
Living without pain nor ugly
Wonderful,smart thing were
                           every day
I miss those sunny days

Even if painful it may appear
Nowadays are other thing
Past life wouldn't have come
Let's take it to make a change

As hard as it make the memory
Lost thing has never come on me
Remembering happens moody
Make me feel sad and happy

It is time to build a future
I have to go beyond my fears
the day will come when I will be
Improve life to go far indeed

Hevitra mandeha

lyopa (01/01/2010 14:59:31)

thank u Nantto! because "no gain without pain"

nantto (04/01/2010 13:31:06)

it's our self-determination that make us more efficient at our own initiative.Znd we must go beyond the obvyous if we want to succed!!


Mpanoratra : Nantto

Nampiditra : nantto
Daty : 29/12/2009
Mpamangy : 1167
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