Your ways (Pissoa)

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(Nalaina tao amin'ny
For the way you love my dad as if he was your own
For the way you let me be a daughter to your mom
For the way you’re with my niece, nephews and siblings
For all the love you spoil me with, you have become my king.

For the way you let me feel all my feelings with ease
For the way you find it cute when my heart is on my sleeves
For the way you call me strong when shedding all my tears
Thank you for sharing my joy and living all my fears.

For the way you make me laugh when I’m feeling down
For the way you pull me up when I’m about to drown
For the way you hold my hand despite the long distance
For the way you hug my heart … thanks in abundance.
Sokajy : Teny vahiny - Fitiavana
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Hametraka hevitra
Midira aloha
Momba ny tononkalo
Mpanoratra : Pissoa
Nampiditra : pissoa
Daty : 04/02/2023 17:44
Nantsain'i ikalamako
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