Nantsain'i hery
(Nalaina tao amin'ny

But I said dear
How many times have you been incarnated?
You are the rose dedicated to me
So please say hello, or is it the same?
The one you lived in and the land in my field

But you know
That's all there, but be confident
But good soil has just been mined
I have already dedicated it to you
There is also a watering can

It's a new bucket
Brand new bucket never worked
But I don't use the previous one anymore
But I want to make you smile
for the farmer who worked with his heart

He dedicated it to you
The only garden he had
He doesn't want any roses to grow apart from you
It is said to be allowed to decorate his hands
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Hametraka hevitra
Midira aloha
Momba ny tononkalo
Mpanoratra : Vonjisoa ANDJANIRINA (RNMv)
Nampiditra : Vonjisoa-Andjanirina
Daty : 02/07/2023 16:25
Nantsain'i hery
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